piano turned into a drumset score??

• Apr 9, 2012 - 11:16

My piano score turned into a drumset score..don't know how this happened or how to turn it back! Have checked the mix option but I have not choosed drums there.
How do I turn it back to a piano score? Some of the notes have also changed to "drum marks" (don't know the name..)

Also is it possible to change the order of the instruments? For example I have made a score for many instruments but I want to change the order so they appear as piano/oboe/synth/trumpet not like synth/trumpet/piano etc
how to I do this?

Sorry for my bad english!


There is a checkbox marked "USe Drumset" in the "Stave Properties" dialogue.

My guess is that you have inadvertently checked this for your piano score.

Regarding the position of instruments, that is changed in the Create instruments dialogue. Bear in mind, however that in best scorewriting practice the instruments follow a specific order, so a conductor will know where to find them. More info on that here: http://www.dolmetsch.com/musictheory26.htm


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