Help for modifying a plugin

• Apr 19, 2012 - 14:23

I created a plugin for generating a diatonic accordion tablature by modifying a plugin for generating a tablature for a concertina. The result I get for a one staff system score is OK, I understood the original JS plugin enough to perform the necessary modifications.
As I am not able to write a complete JS plugin by myself, I am looking for somebody able to help for developping this plugin in order to get the same result for all the staffs of a multi-staff system score (see score example attached).


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Thank you Jojo for your suggestion, I am going to study this handbook.
But I almost know nothing about JavaScript, I wrote some applications in Basic, Fortran and Visual Basic during the 20th century !!!
I was only able to understand enough the initial plugin to modify it and get what I want for a one staff score.
Now I want to get the same result for a multi staff score.


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