Double Line System Separator

• Apr 27, 2012 - 01:20

I've seen these two lines below some systems in scores - does anyone have more details on it?

(Credit: International Music Publications)

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In my experience, these are used to group the various systems when there are a number of instruments being orchestrated. Makes it easy to scan.

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In a large score, when there are often some different instruments that doesn't play , the lines are not the same number. And that "separation" allow the conductor's eyes to follow more easily the score.
(sometimes a "line" would need all the page because of numerous intruments play during that line, and sometimes there can be two or more "lines" because less instruments play).

I would be more understandable in french...........

If you're using the "hide empty staves" function, and you have a reasonably complex score, systems will frequently be different heights. This makes it very touchy for a conductor to follow unless there are separators between the systems, which is why they've been around for so many years. Alas, it would be very time-consuming in a large Muse score to try to improvise them (using frames, for instance).

The point is, it's not a trivial issue, and would be a good function for the excellent MuseScore programmers to build into the application.

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