measure numbering and pick up measure

• Jan 13, 2017 - 20:44

In the development branch of musescore, has the way the measure numbering changed with respect to the pickup measure? When I put my cursor in the pickup measure, the measure number displayed at the bottom of the window is 1, and when I put the cursor in the first full measure, the measure number displayed is 2.

I've checked the "General Editing Style" -> "Header, Footer, Numbers" page and the boolean button "Show First" is set to FALSE.

The documentation for 2.0 seems to indicate that this obscure option controls whether the first measure is numbered 1 or 0.
I'd really rather than the first full measure numbered 1 because the score I'm transcribing is numbered this way.


Measure number is not the same as measure number, there are 2 kinds. One is the interal measure numbering and it starts at 1 and increases by one from any measure to the next, this is the number you see in the status bar and the one you use to jump to using Ctrl+F, it also is the one that gets used when reporting a corrupt score.
The other number is the the one shown above the staves, this is the one you can control via 'exclude from measure count' (used for pickup measures), influence where and how often it shows in the style dialog, you can add to or substract from, you can restart the counter using a section break etc.
There are no changes to any of this in the development version vs. any earlier version (except for section break which didn't exost before MuseScore 2.0)

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Thanks Jojo. I think I understand. The numbering at the bottom of the string is more or less an index (one off) of the array which contains the measure data structures. It can't be altered. But the numbers which appear on the measures can be modified, reset, etc. For example, if I have several movements in the same musescore score, I can reset the count to 1 at the beginning of each movement if I wish.

Is that correct?

I had some issues with this too! I'm a first-year composition major at a university and my professor has issues with our drafts when we have pickup measures and they're not correctly numbered. I figured out a nice way to get around it; you can just right-click on the measure and select measure properties. From there, there is a section titled "add to measure number." You can just add a negative number, making the musescore measure "2" the correct measure 1. I apologize if my wording isn't very good. I've included screenshots in case I'm not clear!

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