Alpine Project- Looking for partners to assist in the creation of higher quality orchestral sounds for Musescore

• Jan 14, 2017 - 22:34

Hello All,

My name is Noah Horowitz, and over the last year I have been creating free instruments for NI's Kontakt out of public domain samples, and distributing them for free on the Alpine Project website ( In the process of this work, I've figured out ways to breathe new life into public domain samples. I have processed these samples to create better dynamics and tone. Feel free to listen to some of the demos on the instrument pages of the website to get a sense of the quality.

My idea is to create a musescore compatible sf2 or sfz (depending on how sfz implementation is coming along in development), that uses the samples that I've modified as a base sample set.

However, this will require some help. I have not scripted an sfz for about 3 years now, and have forgotten most of what I knew then. I also have no experience in creating sf2's.

Fortunately, many members of this forum have experience in creating sfz's and sf2's. I am looking to see if some of those talented folks would be willing to help me create a musescore-compatible version of the Alpine Project instruments.

I'm hoping some would like to help out with this, or share there thoughts on this idea. If you are, reply to this thread and shoot me an email at alpineproject1 [at] .


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Full SFZ support will be one of the major new features in MuseScore 2.1.

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Hold your horses.. MuseScore 2.1 will have *better* SFZ support than MuseScore 2.0.3. The support is actually a lot better but it's not full, at all. I believe that we have an uptodate list of supported opcodes here…
In any case, I believe and hope that SFZ is the future of MuseScore and the supported opcodes should be enough to build a very good orchestra library.

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