Mutli Measure Rest Groupings

• May 2, 2009 - 01:50

First, let me say that MuseScore is great! I am enjoying it much more than Encore and really appreciate it's usability. The handbook and the other forums have also been very helpful in the learning process.

To my question: I have 23 consecutive measures of rest, 21 measure on one line, the other 2 on the next line. When I tell the style to create multi measure rests, it creates a group of 21 and a group of 2. Is there a way to tell it to create one group of 23? Instinct tells me I need to get all 23 measures of rest onto one line, but I don't know how to do that. I know how to get them on several lines, but the reverse escapes me.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Multi-measure rests are an experimental feature (new to 0.9.4) and it has a number of bugs that need to be worked out. It would be helpful if you attached a copy of the score that is causing problems. That way we can use it in testing and development.

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As I was preparing to attach a copy of the score, I decided to add back "display in concert pitch". When I tried to recreate my original problem, it was gone! All 23 measures in one beautiful multi measure rest. I'm not sure why it would matter if it was displayed in concert pitch or not, but apparently it does. I have also noticed that my playback crashes when I have multli measure rests. I have solved that by just not putting them in until the very end. Please don't hear these things as complaining, though, as this program still has fewer issues than Encore did and I like it a lot.

Would you still like me to send you a copy of the score? Thanks for your help!


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You were right about getting it on one line. Probably changing to "concert pitch" worked because it allows more measures to fit on one line (the key signature for C major takes less space than D major).

If you select the row of empty measures you can squash them onto one line via Layout > Add Less Stretch (repeat as needed until they fit on one line). Make sure none of the measures still have a check mark next to "break multi-measure rests" (right click on the second to last empty measure and choose "Measure Properties" to change this attribute). Finally go to Style > Edit Style to add the multi-measure rests. I would leave that last step till after you have finished making any other changes to the score. Otherwise the multi-measure rests may start breaking up again (this is a known issue ).

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