Undo and feathered beams

• Jan 15, 2017 - 14:23


1)   4/4 measure: make two sets of sixteen notes
2)   apply a feathered beam on the second set
3)   let's say you choose to link the beams instead afterward:
4)   undoing the action should bring back the exact results as 2),
but instead the results are a non-feathered beam:

P.S. regarding the uploading of images, I attempted to name them here as file[1].png, file[2].png, etc., but upon previewing I received a message "NOT FOUND: file[1.png]" as if the system changed the filename from *[1].png to *[1.png] and then couldn't find the file. I think it has something to do with the [ ] command for inline messing up in relation to finding brackets. This should be fixed or at least there should be a warning regarding [ ]'s in uploaded filenames.

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