Note odd colour - no tie capability

• May 2, 2009 - 17:25


Please see attached file.

There are a number of time signature changes previous to this screen.

As I enter notes or go back to add details, suddenly the previous note to the one selected comes up in red and I have no capability to add a tie.

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This is a feature. If the notes is outside the ambitus/range of the instrument you select for the staff, the note is coloured red.
Ambitus is defined in instruments.xml.

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instruments.xml is not a file that you can open in MuseScore. It must be opened with a decent text editor and edited manually. Unfortunately Notepad on Windows XP is not a good choice for editing this file (it will display all the text on one line). The text editor I use is called Notepad++ but there are many other good text editors out there.

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