Musescore on Raspberry Pi - strange spurious lines

• Jan 18, 2017 - 18:58

I'm trying Musescore 2.0.2 rev 3543170 on Ubuntu 16.04.01.

Running on a HyperV Guest VM (on intel) it works fine.

Running on the Pi 3B I get strange lines all over the score. This happens on every score, including the samples with it. Below is a screen shot showing the Intel version on the left, the Pi version on the right, of the same song imported. Windows also works fine.

These are the PPA versions installed with APT-GET, and as you can see the display in this case was on the same Xserver (my windows running XMing) just to eliminate the X11 side. The native video out from the Pi on a HDMI display looks the same.


I found another discussion of running Musescore on the Pi 3b ( that did not mention such issues. Interestingly it also said 2.0.3 was in the Ubuntu distribution, though that's not what I see there. Unless there's a private ppa distribution I missed? i have not tried the appimage or building myself (the latter is next on my list to try for other reasons).

Does this kind of mess run a bell with anyone? My guess is it's some X11 client side (i.e. on the Pi) configuration issue. Other programs like Rosegarden work fine, by the way (well, REALLY slow, but no issue with display). So I'm guessing it is not a bug in Musescore so much as some incompatibility, but really unsure where to start.


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Ah, so it is a bug, I just didn't manage to find that. Thank you.

Let me see if I can build a later version, the ubuntu distro is obviously old.

Sadly the current musescore requires QT5.6 as a minimum, and Ubuntu's LTS distro is back on 5.5, so it's one of those domino things, I need to build a QT I think (in a brief look I can find an intel version ready to go on qt's site but not a pi version, though still looking).

But again, thank you, good to know it's already cured I just need to get there.

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