Jazz Guitar Sound (Again)

• Jan 21, 2017 - 04:47

A few months ago I posted a question to see if anyone had come across any good, realistic electric jazz guitar sounds. I received a couple of suggestions and links but nothing particularly inspiring turned up.

Anyone come across any new suggestions in the meantime? Thanks.


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Hi all, nice to see there is still an active forum talking about soundfonts which are completely abandonned nowadays elsewhere.
@juniorjet, here is a jazz guitar extracted from the SGM general midi soundfont, which i think is ok, i have not found something better free.
it needs some reverb and chorus to sound nice.

ps:sorry for my"french/english"

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@ErPaille: Thanks. I have heard that guitar font and it's as good as any of the other free ones I have heard. Thanks for the link.

If I could find a really exceptional jazz guitar sound, I would be willing to pay for it but i can't even find that.

BTW your English is just fine - better than some native English speakers whom I know :-)

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Thank you. I have downloaded the electric guitar file as a .zip. Now I just have to figure out how to get it unpacked and into a folder where Musescore will recognize and load it. I've never done that before but it shouldn't be too difficult, with some help from the forums :-)

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OK did this. All went according to instruction and when I click View>Synthesizer the electric guitar file shows up there as a .sf2 file. I click on Add. However, when I then go to Edit>Instruments to make a choice from that file, the various electric guitar sound choices aren't listed. What did I miss? Thank you.

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Personally I think the jazz guitar from the jazzpage is the most authentic. It clips a little when you run it in musescore, but the output in wave/mp3 is perfect. It has that proper sound of a jazz guitar you get in a band like the King Cole Trio.

That soundfont of guitars above is great, particularly the acoustics, but the electric Jazz guitars are a little too jangly for the late 40s to 50s jazz sound.

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Of course that depends a lot on what you consider an authentic electric jazz guitar sound to be :-) The one from jazzpage.de attempts that treble rolled off, typical Gibson sound which is thought by many to be quintessential jazz guitar..

I haven't heard it in .wav or MP3 but played back through MS it definitely clips, especially on chords (to the point of being unusable) where the lowest notes in the chord are played on the 5th and 6th strings. Way too muddy for my taste.

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