Stroke through acciaccatura(s)

• Jan 21, 2017 - 19:26

I have a situation where I have an acciaccatura in the previous measure to its main note. Just to complicate things it is right at the end of a line and key signature change (double bar line between the acciaccatura and main note). I've managed to put a small semiquaver just before the double bar line and the MIDI plays back OK. The only problem I now have is that the note stem does not have a stroke through it. How can I put a stroke through the stem?

I have another problem with stroked stems. I have a pair of beamed acciaccaturas and the stroke only goes through the stem of the first note. Is there any way I can get the stroke to go through both stems?


A true acciaccatura appears right next to the note is accompanies, not in the measure before. So it seems you really want a "grace note after" (what it's called in MuseScore, not a true technical term. These are found on the palette if you are in the Advanced rather than Basic worksapce. They don't contain slashes, nor should they normally.

With multiple grace notes, normally the stroke *does* only go through through the first stem. So unless you are trying to create some sort of non-standard notation that you intend to explain to the performer, you should probably just leave this alone as well.

But if you really need a slash in either situation, you could add one from the Symbols palette (press "Z" to display).

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Hi Marc,
Many thanks,
The main reason I needed to put the grace note in the previous measure was that originally the double bar line for the key change was on a page break and I wanted to show that the grace note was attached to the first note of the new page (line).
The main note is played on the first beat of the new measure so the grace note is played slightly before this (acciaccatura) hence the need for the stroke across the stem.
Am I right in thinking then that if the grace note appears in the previous measure it does not need the stroke? (presumably because putting it there makes it obvious that its played before the first beat of the new measure).
I've attached the two lines in question.

Stroked Stem1.mscz

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