Instrument name and sub-name in two staves?

• Jan 21, 2017 - 23:13


I want to to split an orchestral section into 2 staves (where one staff shows Horns 1-2 and the other shows Horns 3-4) but have them share the instrument name. Something like this: (screenshots from the PDF I'm transcribing into MuseScore):

Long name (first page of the score)

Short name (second name of the score)

Is such a thing possible in MuseScore? I was only able to either have a single label for each staff ("Hn. 1-2" and "Hn. 3-4") or a shared label for both ("Hn." in between) but not a "split" label like in my screenshots.


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You can format it to look like that in the long and short instrument names if you right click either staff and select staff properties.

You will have to wing the spacing using returns and spaces and trial and error, but it is doable.

If you hide empty staffs then this will look very bad because it will not limit the name to a single staff if only horn 1&2 have notes for example. You can check never hide in the staff properties window to prevent this if needed.

I made an assumption in the above comment. The horns are a single instrument with a second staff added to the instrument, not 2 separate instruments. This is the default behavior of the classical orchestra template.

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