OpenGoldberg score release date: May 28th

• May 16, 2012 - 10:27

Good news! We've set the release date of the digital OpenGoldberg score on May 28th. For those who are not familiar with the OpenGoldberg project, you can learn all about it at This project has been a great way for us to push the development of MuseScore.

On the one side there was the making of the Goldberg Variations score for which Werner used the development snapshot of the upcoming MuseScore 2.0. Since typesetting this score was very challenging, Werner improved MuseScore on various aspects.

OpenGoldberg app for iPad

On the other side, Nicolas has been quietly developing an iPad app for the OpenGoldberg project, featuring the score as well as the recording, playing in sync. We used the development of this app as a springboard towards the MuseScore Player app which is coming closer now.

The iPad app will be free and the release date is set to May 28th. We have been testing the app successfully on iPad 1 & 2, but we are still seeking people with an iPad 3. Please leave a comment if you have an iPad 3 and would like to help us testing the app.


Goldberg Variations by OpenGoldberg


Hi there,

I realize that this is 4 months old, but in case you still need someone... I've got an iPad 3 and would be happy to help with testing.


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