Error in Scaling with B Flat Instruments

• May 18, 2012 - 01:40

Musescore Version 1.2 on Windows 7

I adjusted the scaling under page layout from the default to 0.764mm. This happens all the time when I have in instrument with a flat in its name.

The first pic is one of Bb Trumpets in comparison to others.
The second pic is one of Bb Clarinets in the same scenario.
The third one is of a C Tuba...figured I'd put this in there because it also has a key in its name, but no effect.

Please help!


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musescore error 3.png 3.01 KB


Yes, that's a known bug: the flat sign in an instrument name causes resizing problems:

Workaround might be to add a new staff for Bb trumpet, which will be sized appropriately, then copy and paste that staff name to the original. Or, if you haven't actually entered any notes into the old staff, just delete it and move the new staff into that position.

I encountered this with brass band instruments (Bb and Eb). Before resizing, right-click on name of instrument, choose "Staff Properties" and change the name from B*FLAT* to Bb (i.e. a small b). The small letter b rezises up and down properly, the flat symbol doesn't.

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