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• Jan 27, 2017 - 18:09

Hello, I am using the Voice+Piano template to typeset a violin concerto cadenza. I was able to adjust the properties of the cadenza measures to insert the extra beats for the violin part. However, the measure adjustment also applies to the piano part which now shows extra rests corresponding to the extra beats I added. How can I get rid of those extra rests? A simple select + delete does not work like deleting a normal note would.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 12.54.01.png

To be specific, the piece is in 2/4 time. In the cadenza, the piano plays a 1/2 note chord at the start of each cadenza measure while the violin does its thing. With the measure adjustment the piano part now shows the 1/2 note chord plus a whole note rest which is what I want to get rid of.

I could change all the 1/2 note chords into 3 tied 1/2 note chords but I don't believe that is standard typesetting and certainly looks very clumsy.

Any suggestion would be appreciated


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Hi mike320, yes that would suffice. I tried on my mac pressing v and V but neither worked. However I did see the Visible checkbox and that worked. Thanks.

MuseScore is a beautiful tool and the designers look to have thought of everything. Newbies like me just got to find it!

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It's very unusual for the v not working for a noob, they don't usually redefine shortcuts. This can be changed in edit|preferences and the shortcuts tab. It is called "Toggle visibility" and just the v (with no modifying keys at all pressed) is what this normally has as a default.

Cadences (or elective plays) is usually written like this.


I've put a bunch of grace notes here :)
You can adjust your noteheads small, in inspector.
and may be other possibilities.

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If you go with the grace note route in the future you have almost all the flexibility entering notes as entering them on extra beats. You may have to go to the inspector to make some of the changes. In larger cadenzas, adding the beats to the measure is the way to go. You can also insert (a) measure(s) of what ever length you like and enter the notes and hide the unneeded bar lines.

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