Why are added soundfonts not appended?

• Jan 28, 2017 - 22:16

I can't fathom why the synthesiser adds new soundfonts in this way. I want to keep fluid and the other previously added soundfonts above the those added later, but you end up having to laboriously shift them down.

Why doesn't it just append them to the list? It seems to me a default sort of method.


When I load a new soundfont, it's normally because I want to use its sounds *instead of* the default. So it makes sense for this usage to put the new soundfont at the top of the list. I would imagine that is true for most people. No doubt, whichever way we do it, some people will like the default, others will not. I guess we could consider having two separate buttons - "insert before" and "append", as we do for the some other elements in MuseScore.

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