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• May 30, 2012 - 13:14

I want to add a key signature for F major at the beginning of the line. I have dragged and dropped about a million times but it won't. I have waited for the bar to change colour. I am not in note-adding mode. Why won't it do it? I've searched all related questions but nothing has helped. I need this urgently.


Hi Heather.

Are you sure you are not already in F?
If that is not the case, could you post your piece and perhaps a screenshot or two? Then we could probably get back to you with a solution.


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Yes, I'm not in F. I'm making up little one-line exercises to cover a certain aspect of piano sight reading and I need a new key signature each line. The strange thing is that it's done it before so I don't know what's the problem with the new page. It's page three, the first line I want in F, the second in A major. Could you tell me how to post it and how to do a screenshot? Thanks, Heather

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I think the problem is primarily that you have turned off the "Create key sig. for all systems" option under Style-Edit General Style->Page. By turning that option off, you're saying you don't want any key signatures to appear except on the first system. So the key change *is* happening (which you can verify by noticing how accidentals change), it just isn't displaying, because you asked it not to. I suppose the behavior of that option should be tweaked to still display key *changes*, just not reminders, but anyhow, it is what it is right now.

So, turn that option back on and you should see your key signatures. Looks like you already added several key changes that weren't being displayed.

Assuming the *reason* you turned off the display of key signatures was because you wanted to switch to C, you should just put the change to C in directly - you never actually did that as far as I can tell. Leave the courtesy key signature option off so you don't get the canceling naturals at the end of the previous system when you insert a key change that reduce the number of flats or sharps.

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It's certainly possible there is some sort of corruption - all the trial and error that probably went into trying to get this together is the sort of thing that tends to trigger bugs. And indeed, that was my first thought when I downloaded the score, before I decided to check the style option.

Is it possible you are talking about the change to F a tht etop of the third page? There are no naturals there hide - presumably because that key signature change was created while key signatures were being suppressed. But if add any new key signature changes (including if you delete then re-add the existing ones), you should get the naturals, and with them, the option to hide them. I guess if I try replacing the existing key change without first deleting it, I can get a natural to appear without the option to delete. Maybe that's what you are seeing? But deleting and re-adding works for me.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes I did it. But very old technique. Like drop "2" near the flat :-)
I think there isn't 2 symbol for flats. Maybe third picture will give the same sound. The half of flat. Sorry for my english and music knowledge.
I have just begun to play bağlama (fourth picture) like Greece instrument, Buzuki
Thank you for eveything.

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It's not a matter of "waiting" for the measure to highlight. It's a matter of putting your pointer in the right spot. Just move the pointer around (slowly) within the measure until you find the right spot that highlits the measure. Of course, that does indeed assume you aren't already in F!

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I am definitely not in F! It won't let me put ANY key signature, even though I've done it in the past. I'm preparing sight reading exercises for piano so every line needs to be in a different key. I have hovered the pointer and it highlights fine, have tried to drop the key signature in every millimetre in the bar! Thank you for your help, Heather

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Go to Style -> Edit general style -> Score and tick 'display key signature on every system". On your score, select the # on the second line and double click the F major key sig in the palette.

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