D.S. al Coda with repeat

• May 30, 2012 - 23:27

Version of MuseScore: 1.2
Operating System: Windows 7

I'm trying to create a score for Joust by Richard Meyer, and it has a "D.S. al Coda with repeat", where it's supposed to go back to the repeats, play through the first ending, repeat, then go to the Coda after the second ending. There's no "D.S. al Coda with repeat" in the repeat section of the tool pallet, so I just put in "D.S. al Coda". However, playback skips the first ending and goes straight to the Coda from the second ending, rather than playing through twice as it should.

I've done my best to explain myself. I'll be grateful for any help I get. :3

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You can double click the text and edit it to say "with repeat", but that won't help playback, of course. Not all possible sets of "stage directions" can be made to playback, but you can at least get the notation right, which is the primary purpose of MuseScore. If you need the playback to include the repeat, you can create a separate playback version of the score where you basically write out the repeats.

Maybe there is a way to get this particular direction to playback correctly, but still, in general, at some point, there will be some sort of road map MuseScore's playback won't be able to follow.

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