Albums - spacers lost in "join scores"

• Feb 5, 2017 - 21:08

I've seen in the help forum a few posts about this and similar problems with albums. It seems that when you join scores into an album then any spacers are lost. Can this (and other things people have lost (though I've only found spacers a problem) be fixed?


I can't reproduce this with 2.0.3 or 2.1-dev. Can you provide precise step-by-step instructions to reproduce the problem, ideally with sample files attached?

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Thanks for your help.
I'm on 2.0.3

So I retested joining only two scores and this time it didn't lose the spacers in the first, only the second. I've attached the two scores I joined and the joined score. This forum won't let me upload the album file but it's simple enough - it's called songtest and has the two scores in it.

It's not relevant to the problem, but I'm using stave text for the verse 2,3, etc lyrics so I can get them side by side - I've not worked out how to do this with a text frame. I've got round the problem that this creates by putting a blank vertical frame instead of a spacer over those lyrics. But I'm still using spacers to make room for two lines of lyrics and chords between the staves. If I increase the max stave distance it seems to expand when there's no need.

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Thanks for your help. That's a lot better than my scores - can I ask how you did it? I can put a text frame in and paste text into it, but I can't see how to decrease the width and put another alongside it.

But I've still got the spacer problem with lines of two lyrics. I see you've increased the stave distance to 13 and of course that fixes it - but my objective is a song/tune book I can take to sessions and to keep it portable I'm trying to get as many on a page as I can without making it hard to read. In most of the song scores there's only one line of lyrics so I can keep the stave spacing tighter. In the second score attached there's a repeat A and a single B. So I've kept the stave distance to 9 as it suits most songs and used a spacer where the A repeats.

I've joined your scores and the new example with my header "score" to show you what I mean. (And added a page break.

So much to learn!

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See atached, there I left the staff distaance unchanged, but increased lyrics distance below.
May work for the other scores too. For an album you need to find a style that fits them all (for merged files, not for just printing), and you need to apply that style to the first score of the album.

Add a horizontal frame into a vertical frame, (right click into vertical frame, add horizontal frame) then douple click that new frame, resize it with the handler at ist right, press Esc, then select that frame and drag it into position.
It is quite fiddly...

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That's all my issues solved. It took me a while to find out how to add a h frame to a v frame but I got it in the end. I've got a bit of editing to do now!

However - it would still be good if albums - join scores did retain spacers. For me and other folkies I reckon the the album feature is the most useful recent addition to Mscore .

Thanks again for spending your time helping me. I think I must be about halfway to becoming a proficient user.

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