(0.9.5 pre-rel) how to create a .WAV with instrument muted

• May 6, 2009 - 20:48

Hi all,

I've only recently discovered MuseScore as my son was preparing for a sing audition where he had to bring the score for the pianist to accompany him. Nobody in this house can play piano good enough, but entering the notes in MuseScore and then having the computer play back allowed him to rehearse for the audition.

But now, he wants to do the same song for another audition, where he has to bring his own music on CD. No problem, I already found in another forum post that the unstable pre-release of 0.9.5 allows to export as .WAV, which can then be burned to CD. I already downloaded and installed this version with no real problems.

But there is one usability glitch. When playing the song on the computer, I can choose to play the "voice" notes as a rehearsal aide, or to "mute" them to get the "correct" sound. I could not find how to do this when saving as .WAV; it seems that all instruments are always included. This is of course easy to work around (create instrument; select the existing "voice" instrument and delete; then export as .WAV and don't forget to discard changes when closing the program), but should there not be an easier way? Or is there one, that I just didn't find?

Best, Hugo


As I understand, you want to be able to select what you hear from a.wav file.

A .wav file is a "recording" of the entire sound saved to it. You can only do alterations in a program that manipulates .wav files, and even then I'm not sure there are "voice removal" plufins to do it, although there probably are.

Instead of deletig before producing the .wav, I believe you can mute the sound. Some other person with more knowledge will confirm or deny.

Best regards.

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