implement a "D.S. al Fine poi Trio"

• Jun 3, 2012 - 23:11

I need to implement a Trio in a piece. I implemented it with a jump to a coda, en insert the text "Trio" in a frame.
But... the Trio has its own Segno, D.S., and a Coda.
It is possible to write it, but i can't find a way to playback this. Any suggestions?

In the repeats section there are no Trio references like the mentioned "D.S. al Fine poi Trio" or "to Trio". Just writing text has no meaning during playback.


Can you give a schematic of your piece to give us an idea of which bits you want repeated/jumped to?


Repeat from beginning A till end B
jump to TRIO
Play A again until end A
jump to CODA

Or attach the score and explain the order that you want the sections played in.

You want to make your piece look correct and also to print correctly, but you also want to listen through it in the correct order. The various marks (segno, coda, fine etc.) all have label properties. You can change the property of a label by right-clicking on it. You can also change the jump properties of DC al Fine etc. to affect the playback. By a combination of labels and jumps there is usually a way to make a piece play back the way that you want it to. You can make some coda, segno marks visible or invisible to allow it to look (and print out) correctly too.

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Allright. It worked. Never thought of doing a right-click on the label.... I can change the name and jump-labels perfectly!

I included the score i was working on when encountering the "challenge". It now looks like the original.

Stil a problem in playback however: the Coda (in the Trio part) is completely ignored during playback!!

Clearly a bug! i double-checked the settings but they are correct.
Development team, is this bug on the buglist?

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Example and ? feature request.

Example of what I was trying to explain in attached file. If you right-click on a Coda or a D.C al Fine or whatever, you can change its label and its behaviour. Once you have entered the system marks and checked that it plays back as you want it then you can change their appearance (by altering the font and label) to suit how you want it to look.

Possible feature request - allow jumps to multiple marked parts e.g. jump to rehearsal marks? All jumps to have the properties of Start, Jump_From, Jump_To, End, (number of repeats?).

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