Playback of repeats and jumps

• Oct 11, 2010 - 15:54
S4 - Minor

In this file
The DC al coda -> To coda -> Coda loop does not work. If the repeat barlines are removed there is no problem.

First report :


I have " to Coda" sign in front of the measure that start prima volta and coda sign at the measure that is next to end of seconda volta. And Coda at the measure that ends seconda volta. So no repeat-barlines at same measure with D.S. al Coda. Still does not work.

Also it should be that instead of "al Coda" text sign one should be able to just put coda-sign at the place where player should jump to second coda sign from and continue there. As far as I understand that is pretty much standard.

I agree that the use of a simple coda sign in place of the phrase "to coda" is pretty standard. What I do is enter the phrase, then double click it to edit it, using the F2 text symbol palette to give me a coda sign. I also increase its size while I'm at it. But I'm normally unconcerned with playback. I use this approach only because it positions the sign well. In any case, it seems all this shouldn't be necessary.

I attach a sample score (the piano part is not finished yet). You can notice that the "To Coda" sign is at the end of measure 6, but when I save the score as xml file, the sign moves to the beginning of the Prima Volta (measure 8). Both ways, it doesn't work.

It would be simple enough to ignore the repeat signs (and copy a sequence of measures three times), but this song is 76 years old, and I want to keep it "as is".

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Red Sails In The Sunset.mscz 5.3 KB

I have detected this issue in several bug reports, all slightly different.
The (false?) behaviour can be best analysed in attached file.

It seems to work fine as long as the "To Coda" is in a bar in the second volta (24, 25, etc.)
If you place the "To Coda" somewhere within the context of the first volta (bar 8 - 23), then the "To Coda" is ignored.

Could this be related to the default (correct) behaviour that after a "D.S. / D.C. a coda" the first repeat is skipped (no volta1, go to volta2) ??, and therefore the "To Coda" is not detected??

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I have the very same issue, but moving the "To Coda" to seconda volta has not solved the problem. In fact, in my score, after D.S. al Coda, both voltas and "To Coda" are ignored, and the song just plays straight through the bridge to the end and stops.

-edit: I have since moved "To Coda" around, and it seems to be ignored wherever I place it.

V. 1.1 R. 4611
Windows XP Professional (SP3)

I'm running 1.1 4611

In my score, the D.S. al Coda (jump to: segno, play until: coda, continue at: codab) playback is jumping back to the segno correctly, but not jumping at all at the To Coda mark, no matter where I place it. The song is What A Wonderful World, so it should be obvious what is supposed to happen (and enjoyable to observe).

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What A Wonderful World.mscz 4.81 KB

I have a score that has four identical verses, with a bridgein between verses 2 and 3. My problem is I can not seem to get the score to play correctly, no matter what combination of voltas and jumps I try. The bridge never seems to play. Does any body have any suggestions as to how to rectify this situation? Please respond to email Your assistance will be most appreciated.

@hyag81000: please don't highjack a bug report for a support question. For the latter we have the forum, for the former this issue tracker...

I wish to thank everyone's suggestions as to how to solve my problem. As A reminder, I have a score that needs to play as follows:

1. Intro - Measures 1 - 8
2. Verses 1 & 2 - Measures 9 - 44 (2X)
3. Bridge - Measures 45-60
4. Verses 3 & 4 - Measures 9 - 44 (2X)
5. Outtro - Measures 61 - 72

After taking the best of everyone's suggestions, and with a little experimenting on my own, I came up with the following attached score. It plays as follows:

1. Intro - Measures 1 - 8
2. Verses 1 & 2 - Measures 9 - 44 (2X)
3. Bridge - Measures 45 - 60
4. Verse 3 - Measures 9 - 44 (1X)
5. Outtro - Measures 61 - 72

Notice the difference is in Step 4. Step 4 needs to play twice but only plays once with the score I am submitting.

Any assistance to resolve this problem would be very much appreciated.

Sincerely Yours,

Howard Yager

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Tears In Heaven 4 - Eric Clapton.mscz 3.95 KB

Is it possible to assign this bug to a developer or change the priority?

It is known for at least two years. It makes it often not possible for me to produce a correct playback file for a band and/or bandmembers, for commercial or rehearsal use.

This bug seems to come back on and on in the forum.

As a workaround, note it's always possible to get correct playback - you just might have to create a second copy of your score for playback and duplicate sections via copy and paste. Even when this bug is fixed, there will probably still be times when a separate playback version of a score will be helpful.


I have seen this "workaround" for a "correct" playback earlier. As this could be working for a single instrument or leadsheet, its not an option if you have a full score ( 20+ instruments). Keep in mind that there's not only a total score, but also individual parts per instrument. So your suggestion means that i have ( 20 + 1) times 2 files (42) . If i have to make a correction afterwards, it takes a lot (!!!) of time. Not really an option.

I am quite happy with the possibility to change playback text and playback sequence (right mouseclick on element) as mentioned above, but the problem with the "To Coda" mark (that it is never reached during playback) makes it impossible for me to influence anything.

So i still opt for a decent solution... after all the "to coda within repeats" is a commonly used notation method.

I'm not saying it shouldn't be fixed - I'm just pointing out there *is* a workaround, so it is not accurate to say it is "not possible" to get the playback you desire. I don't see what the fact that it is a full score has to do with it - copy and paste works equally well for multiple staves as it does for one. And you wouldn't normally need to generate individual playback files for each part - what the point of that be? Just so they can hear their own part in isolation? If so, they can just solo their part in the score. So it *is* a completely usable workaround. But again, yes, of course, it will be nice to see this fixed at some point, too.


although there is a workaround (the one you described) available, it is not "completely usable" to me.

Often in the final stage of the score creation proces, i need to communicate with the text/songwriter and bandmembers. several semi-final versions are distributed, in midi or wav format (through mail). I than make some changes and send updated versions. If i follow your aproach, i have to maintain two versions of the score in the final stage. This is very undesirable. It takes up a lot of work and errors are easily made.

We agree that this is a bug (Musescore is not doing what it is supposed to do). Imagine if there was a bug in playback of voltas, and you would have to use the same workaround you described, who would accept this workaround?

I have to use the "to coda within repeats" very often in the scores i create (estimated 60 - 70 %), so this is a severe bug for me and the workaround is really not acceptable.

So the question is: are there -many- more users who find this bug severe enough to fix it soon?

I'm not sure the point of a vote, but sure, of course, I think this should be fixed. But given that there won't be a stable release incorporating a fix for several/many months, I was just trying to offer a suggestion for a workaround you can use in the meantime, so you don't have stop writing music or turn to a different program. Sorry if you didn't find the suggestion helpful.

MuseScore 77caa6843d

This issue is a mess now and there are different cases in the same thread. I will close it to and open more precise issues.

The original bug report is half fixed. Only the second repeat section is not played.

#1 I can't reproduce since instructions are not clear enough.

#2 is fixed.
#5 is similar and fixed as well.
Same for #8