Accent, Dynamic and Other Entry

• Jun 23, 2012 - 17:22

I enter accents and similar elements after entering the notes.
In some cases where there are several contiguous notes requiring an accent or specfic articualtion the select method works great but for going through the score and referring back to the palatte for say a stacatto marking on individual is tedious.

It would be nice if you could select the mark such as the staccato from the palatte and then just click on each note requiring it. The cursor could change to reflect that the selected mark is "attached". This could also be done for dynamic markings tenuto marks, etc

I admit that my method of working is influenced by other programs I've used.


I like the idea - kind of like a painting program. Until it becomes available (it might be lower-priority than other feature requests) I select each note in turn by clicking on them whilst holding down the [Ctrl] key and then I apply the ornament. For staccato this means simply pressing [shift] - . (period/full-stop).

Once you've applied the first mark to a note, have you tried selecting it in the score with the mouse and copying it to the clipboard? You can then select any note you wish and apply the same mark to it with Paste. Works for me, unless I need the clipboard for something else after the first application.

PS: I was even able to paste an fff dynamic to a rest in an empty measure -- loud silence?? ;)

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No, I haven't tried the copy to the clipboard method but I wll. Seems like a reasonable compromise but not as convenient as clicking on the mark in the palette and then clicking on each note you want to apply it to. If I am following you correctly, after setting it up in the clipboard I would have to Click and then Ctrl-V (paste) each note.

You could just CTRL-click the notes you want (or Shift-click if they're all together) and add the embellishments you want (unless I misunderstood what you said).

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Underquark mentioned that as well and on reflection, it is not all that different to what I was suggesting. I guess the only "advantage" my method has is that you can just go through the score clicking wherever it is necessary to put the selected item.

Use Ctrl-Click (in Windows) to multi-select the notes to mark. Then in the Articulations and Ornaments sidebar double-click on the symbol to apply and it will be applied to all selected notes.

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