Tablet friendly UI

• Jun 28, 2012 - 13:08
Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

I have just acquired an Acer Iconia Tablet PC running Windows 7 Pro.

One of my first actions was to install Musescore 1.2 on it.

This is where I discovered how difficult it is to operate MuseScore without a mouse and standard keyboard.

Many of the icons used for accessing menus etc are not big enough for operation by touchscreen, and require repeated pressing before you hit the right spot to activate them. In particular the action area of the Play button on the main toolbar is not big enough to activate.

Editing and tune creation can be done pretty effectively with the onscreen keybaord, but you find that the action buttons of dialogue boxes are obscured by the keyboard, even if in "floating" mode, thus needing much manipulating of windows to get at them. This can also be a problem on netbooks where the vertical resolution is 600 pixels.

Perhaps these factors could be borne in mind during the next redesign of the MuseScore UI. I will add other comments here as I find them.

I have yet to explore the nightly builds of 2.0 on this machine - will report back when I do

MuseScore 1.2/ Windows 7 Pro on an Acer Iconia W500P Tablet