How do include phrase marks

I am just beginning to use this great program. Sorry for the basic questions. I can't see how rto insert phrase markings. Thanks.


Read the section in the hand book on Slurs which are entered the same way.

There is another way, however, which seems to be undocumented at the moment.

When I wish to enter a phrase I do the following:-

1. Select the beginning note of the phrase.
2. Shift+Select the end note of the phrase.
3. Press S


This is now documented, as an alternative to Ctrl-select in the 2nd method.

I wasn't aware that this is also called a phrase

Actually phrasing and slurring aren't quite the same. But this works well enough.

If the passage is not to be played legato or somewhat legato the phrase markings are usually left out and it is up to the players/conductor to correctly interpret the phrasing. Being a woodwind player, I always read the mark as a slur when first encountered.

For winds, a breath mark can signify the end of a phrase but this may be too dramatic in many cases.

Indeed they are not, but the entry in MuseScore is the same, and it doesn't distinguish between the two

Phrasing and slurring may not mean the same thing in terms of how you play them, but as far as standard conventions of music notation go, they are noted exactly the same way. The same physical symbol just means two different things different on context. Actually, more than two. The symbol means something else still to string players: it is a bowing marking. Something less than a phrase (although the symbol is sometimes also used to indicate phrasing in string music), but not exactly the same as slurring, either.

Anyhow, as far as I know, all notation programs as well as the MusicXML standard implement a single symbol called a slur for all of these markings.

Shouldn't that be reflected in the handbook then?

Probably so, although it seems a mention in the existing Slurs section wouldn't really help people who are looking for it under "phrase marking" or "bowing". I guess it would make the page turn up in a search, which is better than nothing. But it seems that more of this sort of cross-indexing - having lots of index entries all point to the same page, so people can find information on a feature without having to know the official name of the thing up front - is part of what we should be focusing on for 2.0.

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