Bar numbers won't appear

• Jul 9, 2012 - 22:07

What am I doing wrong?
Under Edit general style - Numbers:
Bar numbers is ticked, ditto All staves and Every system.
when I click Apply bar numbers do not appear on the score.
I have tried saving and reloading but they are still not there.


Which version of MuseScore are you using? On which Operating System?
It's always better to post file to show where the problem is.

I am using ver 1.2 on Win 7. Imported file via XML, saved, and now cannot get bar numbers to appear. Tried everything in this thread (i.e. changing font size). Settings as in original post.

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Hi Bengie -

You could try to reproduce the issue in a different tune ("Mary had a little lamb" or something) and post it here.

Or you could copy the score you're working on and delete all except the first two or three measures and if it still shows the problem, post that here.


I have the same problem. Using Mac OS X Lion. Been using musescore successfully for several months but now need bar numbers on some of my scores. Discovered that, despite the assurance that they are put in automatically, none of my scores have them. Have checked all the settings which relate to them, and cannot work out why they won't show.

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...but they are buried.

The numbers are there but they are sunk into the top stave. I don't know why they have done this but if you experiment with Style->Edit Text Style->Bar Number and set the Y offset to -12% or so it shifts them back up to a more reasonable position.

You have to Save and then Reload for the changes to become visible.

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To be clear, it's not normal that bar numbers woild be buried in the staff. Either you inadvertantly changed that setting, or you started from a template that was set up poorly, or perhaps you imported from a MusicXML file that didn't communicate the location to MuseScore properly (and either the program that created the file or MuseScore might be at fault. Or something else went wrong. But normally, there is nothing to work out - bar numbers simply show up. In any case, style / edit text style is how you control the default size and position of all text elements, not just measure numbers.

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There is a bug in 1.x where when you simply go into the Measure Number dialog and say OK, save and reload the score, the measure numbers will shift positions. I reported it, but it wasn't fixed. Since the user adjusted the measure numbers X and Y by +1, the numbers are way off now.

I'm having the same problem, have tried many different ways, but can only get the first measure number to appear.
This is one part of four movements, on the others there are no measure number issues.
Using OSX 10.10.5 and the file is attached.
Any idea why this won't work on this file?

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Mvt2-Edit-v2-Sym1.mscz 84.81 KB

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Wow, thanks. This was originally written in MuseScore v1, maybe something happened there?
I'm trying to change it, but seems like it needs to be done measure by measure - one at a time. Is there a way to change the setting to affect every measure?
I've tried Cmd A -select all and only works for the measure where I left click.
Thanks again.

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The mscz file format is basically a compressed (zipped) format. Inside it are some folders and the uncompressed score in mscx format. That format is a human-readable text format, with it's content structure according to the convention of xml (so basically a way to represent data so that humans can still read it).
I've opened that with a text editor and performed a text find-and-replace on the part that said in each measure that the measure number wasn't auto.

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