Deleting wrong voice

• Jul 11, 2012 - 02:42

I have a four-part male vocal score I am creating (I'm new at this) and accidentally entered a "1" voice into the bass clef. (should be voices 3 & 4 only) How do I get rid of the voice 1 rest it created in the bass staff? I am successfully creating the voices (1 & 2 on the treble/top staff and # & 4 vocies in the bass/bottom staff in other measures). Thanks. Jerry


You don't want to use voice 3 & 4 for the tenor & bass. Use 1 & 2. The voices are per staff, so voice 1 in the bottom staff is not connected to voice 1 in the top.

The reason you don't want to use 3 & 4 anyhow is that voice 1 is special - it alwasy has to be present with all beats accounted for. So you can delete the default whole rest that is always present. You can delete any other notes or rests you add - just select them and press delete - but they'll be replaced with the default whole rest.

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