Trill Terminations

• Feb 11, 2017 - 19:45

My trill terminations aren't playing. They're pretty important to the phrases they're in, and wihle usually notating them is enough, I need to use the midi from MuseScore to create an instrumental track. Any way to get them to play? Am I doing somethhing wrong? I just have the trill, then two "Grace: sixteenth after" notes.

Help much appreciated!


Do you mean the turns at the end of trills, that you enter with "grace notes" after the main note? These are not supported in playback at this time.

I imagine that supporting them is a rather complicated business: The time for them will need to be taken from the trill--and the transition from trill to grace note will have to be reasonably smooth to be satisfactory, i.e. the speed of the trilling will have to be such that it allows the start of the turn at the right time.

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