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• Feb 21, 2017 - 23:31

I noticed on some of my dotted notes usually the lower notes, that the "dot" does not appear in the correct position relative to the note, especially when the staves are running in the same direction. Usually, I click on the dot and adjust the vertical position. Is this a bug?

Oh, one other thing. The words that are hyphenated appear to tight, if I try to add some space by Ctrl+space, it hides the hyphen. Is there away to over come this?


Not really a bug...
You used two voices when only one was necessary.
Enter all notes on the same stem as two-note chords. This way you won't have to adjust the vertical position of the dots, and won't have to make invisible all those eighth note flags.

(However, to create that double stem on the single pickup note, you do need 2 voices.)

Also, where specifically do you mean regarding the lyrics spacing (e.g. what measures, what words, what hyphen).

It appears Musescore dots a lined note as well a lined ledger-note at the above space in voice-1 and at the below space in voice-2. The default dot configuration can be manipulated in Style→General→Notes size wise and with horizontal position, but the default vertical position in <2.0.3> seems to not have a corresponding setting; yet it doesn't appear to be a bug since it's an appropriate compromise for clarity, but maybe someone else can chime in. It looks like the situation to which you're referring is dual-voiced related where the dot goes below the line rather than above as in voice-1. Personally, its being a bug or not isn't of my judgment, but a workaround for now at least is to select your voice-2 notes and convert them to voice-3. Take these notes and flip their stem direction if need be; the dotting defaults into the "above" space as with voice-1 rather than below.
Regarding the overly-compressed lyric hyphenation, do attempt a manual increase in the Inspector as a work-around: Segment: Leading Spacing.

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It looks like the situation to which you're referring is dual-voiced related where the dot goes below the line rather than above as in voice-1.

The OP used voice 1 and voice 2, then flipped stems to the same direction. Also, eighth note flags were made invisible to avoid collisions.
To verify, open his score, press Ctrl+A (to select all), then press Ctrl+R (to reset). See? Lots of eighth note flags (hooks) were made invisible.

Also, look at the augmentation dot of any 2nd voice note which falls on a staff line. The dot lies below the line, totally acceptable according to Gerou and Lusk's Essential Dictionary of Music Notation:
Using a single voice for the two-note chords would be the way to go. Doing so will eliminate fussing with augmentation dots (and eighth note flags).

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So with that in mind it's a known standard and not a bug.
As Jm6stringer mentioned, definitely use only one voice for uniform stem direction --- unless you want to be able to select or enter each voice separately. For instance, if you really like being able to select voice-2 and press the right arrow keys to let them preview sound without voice-1 while still only using one staff, that's the way to go even if you use uniform stem directions. If you really cared to do this, it might be wise to instead use voice-3 since it is in conformity with voice-1's stem direction.
And again, if for some personal reason or other you want down-stemmed notes with dotting above in a dual-voiced setting, you can use voice-3 with flipped stems.

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