Downloading a second copy

• Mar 1, 2017 - 18:46

This may not be the right topic group to post in so please forgive me if it is.
I have a problem with my desktop computer on which I had MuseScore so I have taken the hard disk out and was hoping to be able to use my installed programmes from that on my laptop but I can't find a programme file that would actually launch MuseScore. If there isn't a simple solution for this, can I download another copy on my laptop?


You can't take a hard disk out of one computer, connect it to another and then expect that computer to be able to run the programs you had installed on that disk on the other computer. You can only access that data, all the files, but not run the programs, These require to be installed on the computer. At least under Windows.

This is different with portable apps, those you can carry around on a thumb drive or some external disk and run them.

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