• Aug 29, 2012 - 16:44

As an organist I am continually playing on different instruments, which are all very different from each other.

It would be very useful, therefore, to be able to add a set of annotations to a score giving notes on how to set the instrument up in that particular location, and then to be able to recall these annotations at will.

This could have implications for adding conductor instructions etc.


The first use case I saw for this was with a student using Sibelius - I gave her feedback on one of her scores she was showing me on her computer, and she typed my comments right into the score. I can see myself using that to leaves note for myself. As it is, I sometimes have a separate text editor open where I leave those kinds of notes for myself. I could also see typing these notes directly into my students' scores that they turn in electronically.

If you are saying what I think you are saying then I agree with you. As I mentioned on the soundfont forum I love 12-string guitars. Most of the soundfonts sound pretty accurate to my ears, but then again I don't play the oboe, the tuba, the trumpet, or the violin so, I may be sadly mistaken (please correct me if this is so), however the 12-string guitar just sounds like an ordinary guitar. You can't hear the octaves when single notes are being played, the subtle harpsicord, and that growl and when writing chords for it it sounds slightly muddy.


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