now a tab problem

• Mar 14, 2017 - 02:04

I was trying to convert some chordal progressions into tabs and to my surprise, the musescore wants to denote an f on a position 8 as marked by the first red arrow.

Any tips on how to automatically choose what is natural for a human, when converting the guitar score to tabs?

We can all do it manually, but I must be missing something.

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In general, if you have specific ideas about which fret you want to use to play some specific note, enter it directly onto the tab staff as explained in the Handbook. If you enter it in standard notation and then ask a computer to pick a string, you'll get the computer's idea of what string to use, not yours.

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I can not reproduce the result of your attached file: tab chords.mscz, simply because the staves are not linked on this file. (Try yourself, by entering a new time the same chords in the standard staff from measure 5, then copying and pasting in the tab staff)

To get this result, you must be in linked staves, and enter the chords in the standard staff, starting by the lowest note going to the top note. This is a known limitation on some chords in linked staves, here for Dm, G and the last upper C. See:…

So I think you attached a file after you canceled the linked staff, and then add an unlinked staff.
So, in summary, you must either:
- be aware of this limitation, and, for some chords, enter the notes from the top to the bottom.
- enter the chords directly in the Tab staff.
- choose non linked staves: enter chords in the standard staff (no matter the order of the notes, top/bottom), then copy and paste in the tab.

See, two test files:
- linked staves: LS.mscz
- non linked staves: NLS.mscz

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I think I might have misled you.. The second set of tab on the file I attached are modified by hands by me. I just copied and pasted the first set of progression and then edited the tab to show what it ought to show.

That top to bottom approach sound good, I just tried it with the G maj triad, and it did exactly what you said it would do. Entering bottom up gave me the 12 fret tab position, while entering top to bottom gave me what I would expect.

And that linked vs nonlinked trick was amazing. I think I'll be doing that from now on. I tested with bottom up entered G maj vs top down entered G mah, and both when copied and pasted into the tab they both were correct.

Thank you for the tips.

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"I think I might have misled you.. "
Absolutely not! I fully understood what you had done (inter alia the edition of your file). And that's why I was able to completely answer you :)
"And that linked vs nonlinked trick was amazing. I think I'll be doing that from now on."

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