• Mar 18, 2017 - 15:26

I converted a score from Sibelius to MuseScore, and the fingering numbers were not properly placed. How can I correct them? I want to put them to the left of the notes; can I do it manually, and how?


You should be able to select only all of the fingerings by selecting the measures affected or if its the entire staff select nothing. Then right click a fingering, in the case of a few measures click select all similar items in selection in the case of an entire score click select all similar items.

Once you have them selected open the inspector (F8) if it is not already open. You can then adjust the vertical and horizontal positions of all of them at once. The vertical numbers probably mean the opposite of what you expect so watch your numbers move.

I started with "You should be able to" because I'm not certain these are considered fingerings by MuseScore since I have never imported fingerings before. If they are considered staff text, you may need to adjust you staff text after you have made these adjustments. It would probably be easiest to change the fingering positions then select the other texts by clicking the first and ctrl-click the rest (one by one) and pressing the black arrow next to the horizontal and vertical adjustments to put them back where they started.

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When you export from Sibelius better use the free dolet plugin:

I assume your fingerings in Sibelius are well formated with "Fingering" Textstyle.

If you use Sibelius native musixml-export these fingerings will be exported as staff text and not anchored to the notes.

The export with dolet-plugin will export them as proper "fingering" text style and in Musescore they will be attached to the notes. (But you will have to adjust the octave transposition on guitar staves.)

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