Make invisible mass select 8va/pedal lines

• Sep 21, 2012 - 21:41

I have a score which has a lot of MIDI pedal lines (not the symbol). I can mass select symbol pedal asterisks and marks and make them invisible, but when I mass select a MIDI pedal line and set invisible, it does it only to the one line.

Is there a way to do this in 1.2 with lines? (this applies to 8va and 8vb, trills etc.)


I can confirm this behavior for 1.2: right click a line, select all similar, set invisible only affects the originally selected line. This does appear to be already fixed in 2.0. I don't know of a workaround for 1.2, though. Deleting them all at once does work; if playback is not a concern, then this would work to get rid of unwanted markings.

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I have one work around but it's ugly and requires messing with the mscx file as xml. I think the tag viewer addition into the beta is a very good idea not only for debugging, but for production and hope it's left in.

Wherever I see a <Pedal> tag I find the <Segment> tag and mass replace a large selection of </Segment> with

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