Adding or subtracting time from a measure

• Mar 20, 2017 - 17:27

Is this possible? I do not want uniform measures. I would like them to be slightly longer or shorter by milliseconds when played in audio files. I think I can do this with the tempo settings. How sensitive are the settings? I mean, rather than 80 bpm, can I have 79.999, and to what place value? that might be the only option. But it there some way to adjust the milliseconds in audio? So that, instead of 332 milliseconds, I could have 331?

Reason: I'm interested in getting a more natural feel to the time in audio playback. Human beings don't play instruments in absolutely uniform tempo.



There has been some discussion of this:

You can set BPM to one decimal place. For bar-to-bar variation (rubato) you'd probably be looking a 2-4 BPM difference so wouldn't need many decimal places (although it might be useful if you wanted to create a piece of an exact length to match a video).

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That saves me time trying to test it. I was experimenting with using two or three decimal places. I want to know how to adjust the length up to the minutest particles, say, a thousandth, hundredth or tenth of a second.

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To figure out the BPM for a specific time frame you have to do a little math (UUUUUUGH! I know) but there is no other way to do it.

To determine the BPM you need to set you need to decide how long you want a bead to take. Let's say you want it it take 1/2 a second. Divide 60 (seconds in a minute) by the duration .5. so 60/.5 is 120 BPM.

Lets say you want 6 1/6th notes to take .77 seconds. Determine how long it takes a beat (4 16th notes to play) .77 (the duration)/6 (16th notes) times 4 (the number of 16th notes in a beat) and get .5133333. Then divide 60 (seconds) by .513333 and get about 116.88 BPM you will need to round that to 116.9 BPM.

If you want to make a whole note to take 1.7 seconds you need to divide 1.7 by 4 (beats in a whole note) to get .425. divide 60 by .425 and you will get 141.17 BPM which rounds to 141.2 BPM.

Mike - There's no escaping the long math. That will be interesting to work out.

Jeetee - I'll be looking at the piano roll editor, as you suggest.


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