Constant Crashes in V2

• Sep 27, 2012 - 15:51

I have really been trying to use version 2, and help by reporting problems, but I am so frustrated I could scream. It simply doesn't work for anything without constant crashes.

I have a lot of scores that were created in version 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2. It is these that I am trying to work with and cannot get anything done. I have attached yet another score which will crash when you try doing any number of things, for instance moving the tempo marking at the beginning of the part named score, or try creating a new part for choir (SATB), or try switching some stem directions.

After opening the score from version 1.2, all I did was change the font for all of the instrument names. It did not work to simply change the text parameter as it should, so I had to go into each instrument individually and change the fonts one at a time. I then deleted all of the existing parts (because they did not recognize the changes, as they should have). I then had to reset the key signatures for the horns and trumpets because for some reason they did not carry over from version 1.2. I then created a new part called score, and since then nothing works. Don't get me wrong, it was crashing constantly during the entire font changing process as well. I had to save after changing each font because there was no telling when it would crash again.

I am using the latest nightly build for Linus on Ubuntu 12.04. Any help would be appreciated.

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First, the score was created under a version of 2.0 that used a higher file revision (1.25). That was some time ago so you should be using a newer nightly version. Second, the score appears to be corrupted. I see vertical lines extending from the end of beamed eighth-note groups going off the top of the score.

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Thanks for your reply. It seems very strange as I was using the most recent linux build (2012-09-13). Maybe they have gotten behind. Any corruption must have been caused by the nightly build I was using, or already there from version 1.2. I have downloaded a new build today (2012-09-13) and see if things are any better.

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I went ahead and built MuseScore myself and the difference is huge. Even though it still says I am at the same revision number (606458a), the things that caused crashes before do not cause crashes anymore. In fact, since building it, I have only had 1 crash. Most things seem to be working now. If I had known what a difference it would make, I would have built it myself months ago.

I do want to report 2 bugs that I have found though:
1) If you are working with a score from version 1.2 and have it set in 'Concert Pitch', when you open it in v2 it loses the key signatures.
2) When you create parts, it loses the copyright notice, and I don't actually see a way to add them back. It is not listed in the list of text items that can be added to a score.

Thanks for all of your help.

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Thank you for the tests. But unfortunatly reporting the bugs in two sentences in a comment on the forum it's not really helpful since it will be lost. If you have some time, can you create a score in 1.2 to highlight the problem and post it with steps to reproduce, the git commit number, and your OS in the issue tracker. You can do so in MuseScore via Help -> report a bug as well. See also Freelinking: Unknown plugin indicator

Regarding the revision number, don't forget to run make revision before make and make install

Unfortunately, this is kind of the nature of workong with nightly builds. They just aren't stable enough to use for anything resembling work, and if you're not OK with that, maybe wait until an "alpha" release at least. But if you do use the nightlies, any time you find a epeatable case that leads to a crash, it's definitely worth reporting. I could well be that you are constantly tripping over the same small hamdfull of bugs because of something unique to your system or how you generally work, and those crashes may not occur for anyone else and hence won't get fixed until someone else reports them. So instead of being frustrated, just think of how helpful you are being in reporting the crashes! :-)

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I’m the (more or less daily) compiler of (under Ubuntu 11.04), and just tried the last one… with your file SmallOrch_wPiano_v2_0.mscz

and received «Unable to open this score:
It was saved using a newer version of MuseScore.
Visit the MuseScore website to obtain the latest version.»

I choose «ignore» and it opened, displaying these vertical lines.

I tried it with older versions, but it didn’t open.

Do you know when you last saved it ?

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Hi, I saved it on the 27th of September using the posted build from 2012-09-13. That is the only version of 2.0 that I ever used on that particular file. With the build from 2012-09-29 I was seeing the long stems as well. However, since I built MuseScore myself last night, I have not seen as many problems. I notice that my mscore file is much larger than the one posted on the site. Maybe that is normal or maybe it is something peculiar to my system. Let me know if you need more information, files, or want me to test anything.

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Using my sept 13 build the score is OK

I have much more builds than posted on internet.
If somebody is interested I can find which of my builds is the first with these errors.

I exported in XML from sept 13 build and tried to opn the XML file with the sept 30 build. It crashes.

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