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I want to append that signs (two different) like glissando (I don't know how exactly is called).
I can't find what is and how to place it.

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These are jazz markings - the first is a doit and the second a fall.

At least I think that's what they are - maybe Marc will chip in an confirm :)

Sadly those signs are not available from the palette in MuseScore 1.2 :(

They will be available in MuseScore 2.0 when it arrives, however.

You could enter them by drawing in a graphics package and saving as a PNG with transparency. You can then drag them straight into MuseScore.


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Dragging image is not usable for that.
I try to make "fall" symbol and drag it to the stave. It's seems perfect to the 1'st sight. But If I edit some note before that one with fall, the symbol (image) doesn't move with note but move in some random (at least seems to be random) relation to the note. So is there option to LOCK image to the note?


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I use either slurs or lines when I need these in 1.2, and yes, wait until the very end after all notes are entered and line breaks and stretch set. Or else the position won't be maintained. For 2.0, the new facility looks great. I actually just did an arrangement for a band yesterday and did the whole thing in 1.2, then tried switching to 2.0 to print parts so I could get those symbols, but ended up chickening out and sticking with 1.2, using slurs for the falls.

As for terminology, there is nothing really standard. I'd call those both falls, just short and long. The palette is called "falls and doits", but that's only half the story - it's missing what might be called "plops" and "scoops". I guess priginally the palette really did have on the fall and doit symbols but Leon recently added the others (whch is much appreciated!). I think the generic term "bends" might be better as a palette title. Or just move these to the lines palette,since they really behave that way.

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As per above (Marc Sabatella). Leave it till the end and then use slurs. Click on the note then press S for a slur. Drag the slur until the left end of the slur is in the correct place with respect to the note. Double-click the slur and drag its right-most handle to the end position of your fall/doit. Now drag the other two handles (do some experimenting) until you get a suitably-shaped line.

One other tip - the second image posted (like a wavy glissando) has several inflection points. To get this you can add one slur and then add a second slur to the "same" note by clicking on the note and [Shift]-same note (i.e, create a chord consisting of two notes exactly the same). You can add several notes - they all look just like the one note but each gets its own slur complete with start and end and two intermediate handles.

As stressed above, though, it all goes pear-shaped if you then move notes or measures around after you place the slurs.

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O.K. I didn't realise that I can reseape the slur, and that I can slur the note and pause. That (while not perfect) make the job. I quick check and seems that slurs move with notes as should. So seems that can be entered in right place while entering note and stay in place when editing/proffreading. Or I miss something again?
I just see minor change in width if measure width is changed - overflowed to next line. But seems realy minor problem.

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Ok I realize that stretching is issue but not fatal. But the odd thing is when from example above I remove LINE BREAK in second line, the slurs in third line doesn't move correctly! Or maybe just isn't repaint corectly? Is there some function to repaint screen? (at least in ubuntu have that behaviour)

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It would be easier to say if we saw the score itself (the actual MSCZ file) as opposed to just a PNG picture of it. Normally, a slur attached to notes does follow the notes wherever they go, but manual adjustments usually need tweaking. So I'm guessing the slurs that appear to be attached to the notes in the third line actually are not. But again, I can't say just from a picture.

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Sure enough! Ok, looking at it and playing around it does seem that if you create a one-side slur like this and there are any any manual adjustments at all, then indeed, they don't move at all when the score is reformatted. All the more reason to not mess with any of this until you are sure about your layout. But FWIW, ordinary two-sided slurs do reposition normally and manual position is incorporated (if not always appropriate). Only the one-side slurs exhibit this issue.

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