Random, permanent rests

• Mar 23, 2017 - 14:54


When I split measures after I've created them, MuseScore puts completely random rests (quarter, whole etc) in different places on the staff in the newly separated measures.


You see, I already have all the possible notes for the time signature (which is unmetered, or more correctly, metered by hand) already. How can MuseScore add two more permanent "notes" to create a 19/4 time where the measure only has space for 10/4? Am I going to have to delete the entire measure and start over fresh to get rid of these rests?

A couple of other threads on the forum addressed a similar topic but deleting (other than normal ctrl+Delete which doesn't work) was not discussed.



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You appear to have found a reproduceable bug. I looked at how your measures were set up and made a new file. I changed the actual duration (to around 20 beats in a measure), filled the measure with notes, split it and the second half was filled with random rests. They weren't even the same as what was needed from the previous measure to fill my actual duration. Saving and opening the file results in the measure being declared corrupt.

The answer to your real question is yes, you will have to redo the measure. Fortunately there are not a lot of notes or a lot of measures, and you know how long the measure needs to be so you will not need to split any measures.

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