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• Jun 11, 2009 - 13:01

Hello MuseScore-Team,

first many thanks for this excellent program!
Now the problem: I have an USB Midi interface which works well with Windows XP (tested with an other MIDI software). Nevertheless MuseScore doesn't show any reaction when I push a key on it. The DIN-Socket button isn't grayed out and I tested it in both toggle positions with the official release 0.9.4 and the latest prerelease revision 1869. The device is recognized by windows in device manager under the "audio-, video-, game-controller section as USB-Audio device (WDM-Midi-device) with Microsoft's drivers.

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1/ No other midi software is running
2/ The device is plugged in. It has LED indicators for MIDI activity, too. The "In" light flashes, which indicates that the Midi sends (or tries to send) data to the PC.
3/ Unfortunately its not a brand name product. Its from a German electronic store (Conrad Electronic -Item No. 871280) which sells this device under its name. On the back it has a sign saying "UA0037 USB Midi cable". The 1 sheet manual says: "A driver is not required since it is integrated in Windows XP".

I tested to enter via midi on a different computer with a different midi interface but the same keyboard and it didn't work either. For me the problem now seems to ber reduced to to following 2 possibilites:

1. Wrong operation/ settings - Well, I admit that I'm not quite sure about all the settings in the note entry tab (Specially the meaning of Midi Remote Control). But, Enable midi input is checked)

2. Keyboard - Could it be possible that the keyboard only has partial midi support. It is more a toy keyboard (Bontempi PM 683) than a professional one?

t took me a while to get it working.
I have a M-Audio Key Rig 25 Midi Keyboard. It shows up as "USB 02" in Midi Input / Output.
This is what I did.
- I found out that MuseScore always uses the first Midi device that it sees, and also channel 1 by default.
It doesn't accept midi data from any other channel.
- I used MIDI-OX to troubleshoot.
- I deinstalled things like Midi Yoke or LoopBe1, because they had the tendency to make their port
the "number 1" Midi device, and this is what MuseScore sees.
If you start up MIDI-OX, and go to Menu Options / MIDI Devices, you will see

MIDI Inputs/ MIDI Outputs/ Port Mapping.

These are my settings:

MIDI Inputs:
1) USB 02

Port Mapping:
MIDI Mapper:
- USB O2
- MIDI-OX Events

MIDI Outputs:
3) MIDI Mapper
1) Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth
2) USB 02

This is good, because USB O2 (my midi keyboard) is on MIDI port number 1.

Also important: the keyboard must be sending on midi channel 1, otherwise MuseScore won't see the Midi data.
If you look in MIDI-OX in the window "MIDI Port Activity" (menu \View - Port Status), then if you press a key on the midi keyboard, the "light" of channel 1 must light up..

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Thank you for this help. Today I installed Midi-OX and it seems that my keyboard is connected to port 1 but sends the midi data on channel 5. Unfortunately there is probably no way to change this at the keyboard. But at least I now know the reason why it doesn't work and maybe there will be a possibility to select port and channel in later MuseScore editions.
Thanks again!

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