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• Oct 16, 2012 - 12:31


Is there any way to create custom dynamics in Dynamics window (Create -> Text -> Dynamics [L])
For example there is text "crescendo" but I want "poco crescendo" as appear many times in my notes. I know that I can edit the text when is placed but take a lot of time for complete band.



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Something doesn't work here.

1. I know that I can edit after placing. But here is a lot of clicking... just for example
I have 30 stave part and want to place "poco crescendo" in every stave. For now I select the measure in all staves and double click dynamics in palette. Now I have "wrong dynamics" in correct place in all staves. So I edit text in 1'st stave to correct one and after that I need to select that text and then manually edit all other staves to paste new text. Just boring operaton.

2. Long click doesn't nothing in 1.2!
I assume you mean right click. Then I can drag from (Create-Text-Dynamics) to palette. But this is not the question.
I asking if I can ADD or EDIT the text in (Create-Text-Dynamics) window not dynamics palette.

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Don't place the unedited version in all 30 staves, just place it in one. Then edit it, then select it, then hit ctrl-c to copy, then paste it to the other staves. Yes, it's still work, but better than manually editing all 30.

No, as far as I know, you can't change the contents of the windows - only the side palettes. The procedure for doing this is a bit "under the radar" for 1.2, but it gets much better for 2.0.

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