Can you output a midi code file?

• Oct 19, 2012 - 16:31

Hi, I'm a new user, so this may already be a feature or plugin that I just don't know about.

Years ago I used a music notation program called Dr T's. One of the things it did was to automatically keep a file of midi codes as you created them. You could access the file directly and make changes there if nothing else was working. It was great in an emergency.

I realize that it would be a prety big job to add this to MuseScore, if it doesn't already exist. But is anybody else interested?


I'm not quite understanding if you are asking for something different than simply doing Save As and selecting MIDI as the file type. That works. MIDI is nowhere near as useful in general as MusicXML export if you are looking to be able to preserve your work in a format that can be accessed outside of MuseScore, so you're usually way better off saving as MusicXML when you want to transfer work to another notation program, but MIDI can be useful for tweaking playback.

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