Limitation of measures in big band score with 20 staff rows

• Apr 6, 2017 - 18:49

Score was to be 98 measures....completed 54 but last 44 was compacted by the program itself, which appeared as one measure marked with a 42 on all 20 staffs.How do I convert to original measures?
I run on continuous view, and page after, which is why didn't see the error as it was off the screen.
I can;'t find any reference to this problem in my Sept. 2016 Manual, and the program is locked up
completely. I have three other charts to do besides the one I'm working on so if there is a simple solution
to this, that I don't know, I would appreciate an E.mail if possible.


On the "Create a new Score" could "arranged by" be added to the list?

Also where do I find the back slashes (for Guitar Staffs) and automatic application for same. This was on a previous program issue, but seems to have been missed on 2.03. If I'm wrong, (which is usually the case) can E.mail with info. be sent to me?

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