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• Jun 16, 2009 - 10:56

Hello -

I've just done an arrangement of something for school use for three trumpets, and now want to use the same thing for 1 Bb part, 1 Eb part and one trombone (bass clef) part. Is it possible to quickly change the instrumentation (and transposition) for any given part?




It is possible to change the transposition and instrument name via staff properties (right click on the empty part of the measure). It is possible to Change and adjust sounds if you are using the prereleases.

However the easiest way is probably to create a new score and copy paste the news into the new instrumentation. That way the instrument names, transposition, and sounds are taken care of for you.

I have the same issue. I selected the wrong instrument with the result that many notes are now red.
The hint with the staff properties confuses me. If I remove the old instrument and add the new one the whole score gets removed.
Can I somehow exchange the old with the new one? I seem not to get it

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If you don't want to use the staff properties the following is an alternative method:

  1. For the instrument that you want to change select all the notes
  2. Edit > Copy
  3. Create > Instruments
  4. Removed the incorrect instrument
  5. Add the correct instrument (if your score has multiple instruments then click Up or Down to move the new instrument into the correct place)
  6. Press "OK"
  7. Click to select the first measure of the new staff
  8. Edit > Paste

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I'm having a similar problem:
- I create a score for a percussionist who has a list of instruments I've written for
- but since I can't create my own instrument I choose Timpani
- I don't need the Bass Clef so I delete that and substitute a Rhythm Clef
- I then make the meter 4/8
- I start entering notes but decide that maybe using the Drum Kit with 5 lines might be more suitable
- I go to Create | Instruments and change Timpani to Drum Kit 5 lines
- my notation disappears?!
- this seems like impolite behavior for an app -- there should be a warning dialog at least if all notation is replaced with a blank system

- I add a half note to a 4/8 measure
- make it a triplet
- so now I have a quarter note and two quarter rests under a triplet line
- I want the first two to be quarter rests and the last note to be a quarter note
- so I delete the first note
- I then select the last rest
- I go to the drum note palette on the left hand side
- I attempt to drag out a note from the palette to the last quarter rest
- at this point one of two things happen
1- the app freezes (app screen dims in Ubuntu)
2- the entire triplet is replaced with a half note
2b - if I attempt to make that half note a triplet again it does something odd and puts a bar line between the second and third notes in the triplet
[see attached file]

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MuseScore does not have a way to change an instrument. (That is the topic of this thread.)

When you went to Create > Instruments I assume you Removed the Timpani and Added the Drumset. When you remove an instrument from the score the notes associated with the instrument go. This is the behavior I would expect. If you make a mistake then use Edit > Undo .

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yes I removed the timp and added the drumset

how does Finale handle changing instruments?

edit: I re-read your solution above and I'm not sure I understand...
if I can cut and paste rhythm data into a new Instrument
from say deleting Drumset and adding Timp
and it puts the kick and hat rhythms from the Drumset on one line
in the Timp score

then why can't it do the same thing 'behind the scenes' so to speak
when changing Instruments?

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Create > Instruments is for adding new instruments or removing old instruments (think of orchestra, band, or ensemble scores). It has no way of knowing that you happen to want the notes from one of the old instruments copied on to one of the new instruments.

If you want to actually change an instrument into another instrument then you can change some properties from the Staff Properties dialog and Mixer. However you can't change everything yet. It is not fully implemented.

is there a way to change instruments within a staff.

Meaning I have a staff that starts off Bb clarinet and I want to have a short section in Eb clarinet.

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