Cross staff beam, collision on bottom staff, note occluded

• Apr 14, 2017 - 02:25

I think this is a bug (two maybe) but maybe I'm just doing it incorrectly. I am using V2.1 nightly (as of a couple days ago).

I am trying to create a cross-staff beam, but happen to have the bass note also match the first note involved. See below:


The first measure shows the actual notes involved. To make more readable I wanted to take the first two notes to the bottom staff. The second measure shows what happens when they are selected, and I hit control + shift + down-arrow. They correctly move to the bottom staff, but the half note disappears.

The note is present, but occluded. I think to be proper it needs to shift left or right. It is possible to flip its stem to make it more obvious, but it does not show that it is a half note in default positioning.

A somewhat related issue is if you open this resulting file in V3 nightly (as of 4/13/17 anyway), it opens like this:


Notice it has shifted to the same position (not same note) on the top staff, so it is even more incorrect; though it does leave the half note. Interestingly if you try to move the first note in the second measure (showing as A above middle C, should be C below middle C), the adjacent note immediately reverts to the correct (non-cross-staff) note.

Anyway... I realize V3 is too new to know if this matters, but in V2.1 I cannot find a way to do this properly without manually offsetting the note (well, more precisely the chord) horizontally.

Should this not just work? Or am I approaching it incorrectly? Changing the voice doesn't seem to matter.

A sample score is attached (saved in V2.1).

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2.0.3 shows the same behavoir as 2.1, so it is not a regression.
Still looks like a bug, so should get reported in the issue tracker, it it isn't already

Hmm, I guess this is #114141: Notes collide between cross-staff
And apparently this never worked properly, even MuseScore 1.0 shows this bogus behavoir

Now reported in #187891: Cross staff notation doesn't work, shows notes in wrong (origin) staff at wrong (same as target) position for master, where it doesn't work at all

It is obviously a bug that 2.1 doesn't recognize the collision like it would if you had initially put the two notes on the same staff. My method of dealing with this situation is to make the 1/2 note's stem point down and make the first 1/8 note head invisible.

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It obviously is a bug in MuseScore ever since, at least since 1.0...

And yes, that workaround might do, another (better, unless you really want a shared notehead) would be it horizontally offset one of the 'chords'. This would be needed if these are not in unison, just close enough

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