Lyrics above staff or at least keeping style change when typing

• Apr 14, 2017 - 13:27

As of

ATM the lyrics can be put above staff using the following ways
- changing vertical position of existing text (ctrl + click each syllable then set position or drag)
- customizing the style for lyrics odd or even lines and using respectively for lyrics above staff (then odd or even lines are always written above!)

But also creating custom styles (i.e. Lyrics Above Even Lines, Lyrics Above Odd Lines ) with default vertical position (i.e -6), loading the mss file and setting the style for needed text. It works, new styles are applying.
However, if I set some text to this style, double click and continue typing then the cursor still jumps down - that means the style is reset back to default for the next word or syllable.

As @marc sabatella said, lyrics above staff is already done for 3.0.

But could there be at least some "temporary" solution? Like this:

1) 2 new core styles as I mentioned above ( (Lyrics Above Even Lines, Lyrics Above Odd Lines)
2) new shortcut ctrl+alt+L that adds lyrics like ctrl+L but assign the lyrics by default to the new style
3) when typing lyrics at new position the style doesn't change - the cursor remains at the same vertical position where typing was started


Or (a workaround):
Open a score;
Style/General... -> Text;
Set Lyrics Odd Lines to - 7,50. Set Lyrics Even Lines to - 6,50;
Enter the lyrics.
Then, if necessary:
Right-click on a syllable -> select -> all similar elements;
Use the Inspector to adjust.

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First, as Shoichi demonstrates, you are missing the easiest way to do it now: enter the lyrics normally (that is, let them be below the staff for now), then select one, right click, Select / All Similar Elements, and use the Inspector to move them above all at once (or apply a custom text style if you prefer). Then you can enter the lyrics you want below the staff. This is the intended way of working with lyrics, and it works reasonably well, although of course it could be improved.

Once upon a time, I remember suggesting - or supporting someone else's suggestion - that we make it so when you use the space bar to move to the next note and enter a a syllable after entering a syllable on the previous note, that it would copy the previously syllable's vertical offset. Basically, what you suggest in #3. I also seem to recall there being issues that someone raised with this (for all I know it was me second guessing myself?), and the idea was scrapped. Offhand, though, it still seems like a good idea to me, and would be a very simply change that introduces no incompatibility of any kind. If for whatever reason we decided that copying the vertical offset was not always desired, we could instead copy the text style, so you could apply a custom text style to one lyric than have that ride for the rest of the line.

I'm not as crazy about ideas #1 and #2 only because they introduce a new way or doing things that will then be abandoned when 3.0 comes out. So I'd rather do something that doesn't seem like such a departure. But I'm certainly open to further discussion.

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