MuseScore 2.1 RC available. Please test and translate!

• Apr 7, 2017 - 10:03

MuseScore 2.1 release candidate is available to download for Windows, macOS and Linux (64 and 32bit).

The purpose of the release candidate is mainly to test the packaging. On windows and macOS, this RC will uninstall/override MuseScore 2.0.3. You can download it and try to install and run it. Except for the packaging, it's not different than the previous nightlies. Of course, if you find a crash or a major regression compared to MuseScore 2.0.3, please report it in the issue tracker.

We plan to release a final 2.1 version end of next week. In the meantime, you can help to translate MuseScore 2.1 in your native language and we will work on the release notes, the announcement, and the documentation updates. A draft of the release notes is available.


For Windows, what means (which difference?) between extensions .dmg (file) and .msi (file)
Rather .msi? Or, no matter?
But thanks for a bit explaining.

Jojo reported that using 'Save online" for the first time after install claims MuseScore to be too old and also lost the logon credentials for Just ignore the 'too old' message and re-enter your logon credentials works.

I'm looking into this. It will not be in 2.1 if we can avoid it.

On my windows 10 taskbar the icon for MuseScor2.1-RC looks like a blank piece of paper rather than the MuseScore icon on the desktop.

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True. Should probably get filed in the issue tracker, so it might get fixed for the final Version.

Might be a good change to also set the registry entry "Friendly Name" from just "MuseScore" to "MuseScore 2" or even "MuseScore 2.1". Helps on "right-click/open with".

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It should if you do a Revert to Factory Settings; otherwise I believe your existing 2.0.3 shortcuts take precedence. Ideally we'd have some sort of smarts on installation to keep existing customizations you might have made, but still add the new shortcuts that are included with 2.1. Right now, though, I don't think we have any internal mechanism for that - it's all or nothing, as far as I can tell.

This 2.1 RC solved an issue for me (displaying lyrics with melisma-underscores was sometimes broken - now it's working way better!)

Tested on ubuntu (64 bit app image) and through wine (windows msi).

Lyrics above staff: still missing feature

In whatever reasons I hoped that this feature/improvement would be added to 2.1. Currently it's possible to use inspector and change the placement of existing selected lyrics but when they are replaced and you want to continue writing lyrics then the cursor jumps back below staff.

Is it possible that this is only a question of "copying" the even/odd lyrics feature to the new one with just changing the default position?

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I don't believe that it would cause any side effect as this is nothing else than lyrics position.

Meanwhile it would be ok if I move the first syllable up and then when I continue writing it remains above staff... That means when I click space or - then the vertical position remains the same. Until I make a "new start".

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They new lyrics abobe/below comes with a whole set of infrastructure. And it is very much different from just changing the offset (but still reserve the space below). As said, I'm pretty sure it is far to big to make it into 2.1, and I'm also pretty sure that it would cause backward compatibility problems. So as much as I'd like to see this in 2.1 too, I'm pretty sure it won't make it.

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Select all sylabls you want to move and chanhe the vertical offset: No code change needed
Use lyrics even/odd style to move one or both above staff: No code change needed

If you want the extra space that these lyrics reserver below space but not above: Major code change needed and backward compatibility issues

If you don't believe this, try to write the code for this, but hurry up, the final 2.1 is due this weekend.

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As mentioned, doing this *right* is a big, incompatible change. Luckily it's already done - for 3.0.

Meanwhile, there are indeed ways of dealing with this in 2.0.3 or 2.1 that work reasonably well. I encourage you to start a new thread to discuss the best ways of getting lyrics above staff right now. And probably things that could be done in a compatible way to perhaps make the process a little easier. But let's keep this thread focused on the topic at hand, which is the testing and translation of 2.1!

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