Volta failure

• Nov 13, 2012 - 13:51

I hope someone can help as it has become very frustrating!
I only have six measures and have two volta's in place. my problem is: I cannot make the 1st volta to work according to its placement. it either skips the second measure and plays the third and fourth, or it plays the second and third, and skips the fourth, or it plays the second skips the third and plays the fourth measure, it just will not play correctly no matter what I do. 18 Technique Break.mscz
Thankyou to anyone that resolves my issue

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You stretched the first volta with the mouse. This doesn't adjust it's size to cover extra measures. Double-click the volta and resize it down so it covers the initial measure, then use shift-rightarrow to adjust the volta size to two measures. Then the piece will play right.

The first volta takes into account that the first step because it is only anchored on it. You must use Shift + arrow key to move the anchor points (this is valid for all lines).

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