How can I help track down the "Save As..." bug?

• Jun 22, 2009 - 12:43

I have tried everything I can think of to work around the problem of not being able to save as MusicXML. The odd thing is, I can read and write MusicXML files with MScore just fine -- I just can't get MScore to create such a file in the first instance.

My system is Ubuntu 9.04, 64bit. I am using QT 4.5. I have installed, as near as I can tell, both the runtime and development packages of QT (there are dozens of QT packages, many relating to development -- it's hard to know exactly which ones MScore needs.). I have tried installing from:

- The default Ubuntu repository
- The stable backport repository
- The pre-release repository

None of these versions support save-as MusicXML. (In the case of the pre-release version, it doesn't have support for any other file format other than the native MScore compressed format, so save-as is irrelevant.)

I would be absolutely willing to help developers track down this bug, but I need some guidance on what kind of debugging information you need, how I could create that, and where I would report it. I am not a software developer, but I know my way around enough to be helpful to someone who is.


I just saved a file as xml.

Ubuntu 9.04, (I don't know whether 32 or 64 bit.....and don't know how to know that) Musescore 0.9.5 1848, QT 4.5.0

I'd check other points if you want.

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Robert, thanks for the reply. Let's start with the very basics: you report Musescore 0.9.5 1848. The highest version I have ever been able to install is version 0.9.4 build 1505. Did you get your version from a repository, or did you make it from source? If from a repo, can you tell me the source?

Please disregard this thread, which should be chalked up to operator error.

After closely retracing my steps, I was able to install a build of version 0.9.5 that had been successfully compiled on Ubuntu 64bit. This newer version handles save-as to MusicXML format perfectly.

For those who might come after with the same problem, what worked in my case was:

- Selected the "Pre-release" link from the main MScore download page, which currently is the Ubuntu PPA,
- Copied and pasted the apt sources.list entries into Synaptic package manager
- Followed the instructions on the PPA website to add the PPA key to sources authentication
- Reloaded the sources in Synaptic
- Installed mscore and mscore-common in Synaptic

In a word, I simply followed the directions. I think my error was probably related to not making sure that the correct sources.list entry was entered. With all the switching around of apt lines, I suspect I failed to remove any old sources before I put in the new.

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