page view to continuous view and back destroys key signature

• Apr 19, 2017 - 13:16

When changing from page view to continuous view and back, the key signature that had been changed during the piece is being deleted (jumping back to original key signature) hence destroying the most of the work. only an undo fixes the problem.
Musescore 2.0.3 on ubuntu studio 16.04.2 LTS
Many thanks in advance.


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Thank you for your very fast reply
It opens well BUT if you put the 6 sharps key signature invisible, go to continuous view and back to page view the problem is not solved. without the invisible action its working fine.

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It is not a corrupt measure, Its only me trying to work around the courtesy key signature (I made it invisible and moved the bar line to the right). In any case, indeed a show courtesy and some other twiking of spacing and line breaks fixed around the problem, but it is still a weird bug, right?
Thanks, Dan

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If I understand this correct, the key signature you made invisible is actually a courtesy key signature. Or was, anyhow - by making it invisible, I think you inadvertently changed its status to a sort of weird no-man's land between regular and courtesy. The fact that weird things happen once a key signature gets into this state is a bug, I think. The question is, what to do about it?

If the reason you made it invisible is because you didn't realize you could suppress it entirely using the Inspector or the right click menu on the *real* key signature, then the bug is harmless and shouldn't affect you any more. Meaning, we could just remove the ability to make the courtesy signature invisible, since it doesn't really work the way you want anyhow.

If on the other reason there is some legitimate reason to want an invisible courtesy key signature, then we probably need to figure what the most meaningful behavior should be for a key signature that is in that state.

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Thank you Marc for making order in this case, Indeed the first reason is my case: I didn’t realise I can choose courtesy on/off via inspector - strangely it didn’t cross my mind even. it is an harmless bug, but In case of contemporary music and other extended use of MS i think this should be figured out.
Thanks again!

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