Place the first number of a measure of every odd row into a square box

• Nov 20, 2012 - 04:17

I want to place the first number of a measure of every odd row into a square box without duplicating the existing number to make for quick search. Similar to that of a rehearsal mark?
Is it possible?

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It can be done, although it's not as straightforward as it could be. Right click the measure in question, select Measure Properties, check Irregular - this takes it out of the normal numbering and suppresses the number. But then all following numbers will be off by one. So right click the next measure, Measure Properties, and set "Add to measure no.:" to 1.

FWIW, as someone who directs ensembles often, I think it's usually more useful to put in rehearsal marks as letters - thus not worrying about suppressing the numbering - and to do so at "musically useful" places, rather than just arbitrarily putting them at the first measure of a line (which will tend to be different in different parts).

Actually, you can (in v1.2, at least) just right-click the measure, check "irregular" and type "1" in the "add to bar number" box without having to change the number of the next measure. I'd agree with using letters and having them at logical break-points but each to his own and I'm all in favour of MS having the flexibility to allow this.

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